About Us


We Have Power Today To Change Tomorrow!

Treasured Kids Foundation is born from the experience and exposure of Mr and Mrs Kalejaiye, as parent of a medically fragile child with a rare neuromuscular disease called Myotubular Myopathy (MTM).

This experience they navigate have exposed them to the challenges that come with having a disabled child.

In their words "We went through a rollercoaster of emotions when our son was diagnosed. It is only a miracle that our son (Prince) is still alive today and thriving at home with the rest of the family. His birth has helped us as a family to discover our hidden strengths and abilities. The change that we experienced from the birth of Prince has opened our eyes and broaden our hearts in such a short period, and we have decided to bring hope and support to other families that may be in same situation as us."

TKF is a non-profit organization established to provide resources and support to families and communities with children who have Myotubular myopathy and other congenital and genetic disorders in Nigeria between the ages of 0-12 years.


Creating an inclusive society that promotes improved quality of life for children with congenital and genetic disorders.


Treasured Kids Foundation is committed to eradicating ignorance, negative stereotypes, social isolation, and stigmatization in society towards children with Myotubular Myopathy(MTM) and other congenital and genetic disorders by providing awareness, education, advocacy, and support to families, communities, and societies to aid prevention, diagnosis, and reduction of incidence of congenital and
genetic disorders.


By offering our love and support, we can bring hope and comfort to families affected by . Genetic Diseases.